Vous trouverez-ici mes bornes de démonstration pour la Nintendo DS et 3DS

Nintendo DSi Display (TWL-DIS-01) :

Nintendo DSi XL Video Display (UTL-DIS-02) :

Nintendo DSi XL Show Case (UTL-DIS-03) :

Nintendo 3DS Micro Large Base Display (CTR-DIS-06) :

Nintendo 3DS Video Display (CTR-DIS-01) :

Same as KTR/RED-DIS-01 except that you don’t have the cardboard with « New Nintendo 3DS » and only 3DS/3DSXL console.

New Nintendo 3DS/XL Video Display (KTR/RED-DIS-01) :

Nintendo DS Lite Best Buy Kiosk :

Nintendo DSi Kiosk :

Nintendo DSi XL Kiosk :

The red dot is added by Nintendo

Nintendo 3DS Kiosk :

I highlighted the spelling mistake.

Nintendo 3DS XL (USA) Kiosk :

Nintendo 3DS XL (JPN) Kiosk :

Non Working Nintendo DS Lite:

Non Working Nintendo DS Lite (JPN):

Non Working Nintendo DSi:

Non Working Nintendo DSi (JPN):

Non Working Nintendo DSi XL (JPN):

Non Working Nintendo 3DS:

Non Working New 3DS:

Non Working New 3DS XL: